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    LoCaL Homes is a not-for-profit advanced housing manufacturer, offering high quality, high performance, low carbon housing solutions across the UK. Providing both traditional and closed panel timber-frame systems that deliver cost, time and quality certainty.

  • Excellent design without compromising quality

    Whether it is a three story town-house, a school or bungalow, the flexibility of our products means the design doesn’t need to be compromised.

  • Working together

    We work in partnership with developers and housing providers to supply our products, tailored to your individual needs and requirements. By working with our in-house architects or your own team, we can help you to complete your next development. Read more here.

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Providing a low carbon system

Using timber frames, specialist insulation and a range of innovative techniques, we manufacture a sustainable, environmentally conscious, low carbon alternative to more traditional brick-built structures.

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Housing solutions with added value

LoCaL Homes provides traditional and closed panel, timber-frame systems that not only deliver cost, time and quality certainty but offer our customers an added social-value housing solution.

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Social enterprise, social conscience

Run on social enterprise principles and housed within a social landlord, LoCaL Homes is committed to communities as well as the environment. We build homes that people want to live in and can afford to run. We employ local people and offer training opportunities and apprenticeships.